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Centralize and automate your business operations and operations in a single integrated system.

Plexcloud, the integrated hub

Realizing that clustered or isolated system is a challenge towards productivity and profitability of retail operations, Plexcloud overcomes the common trivial problems by integrating modules in one business system.

Core Modules

All the modules needed to run a retail or F&B outlet

  • Contact Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Asset Management & Tracking
  • Sales & Invoicing Management
  • Purchases & Inventory Management
  • Integrated Accounting System
  • Point-of-Sales

The advantages that drives efficiency

Access Anywhere, Securely
Plexcloud runs on the web and optimized for tablet and smartphone access.
Unlimited Point-of-Sales Terminal
As your business scales, plexcloud scales hassle-free with no extra cost.
Cross Platform
Whether your machines run on Linux, Windows or even Mac OS, Plexcloud works seamlessly across all.
Mobile Access
Deliver more to your customers with smartphones. Plexcloud has a dedicated mobile POS terminals to enhance your customer experience.
Dashboard Analytics
Gain insights of your sales directly from Plexcloud Dashboard accessible from your smartphone
All important reports and history of your tracking can now be downloaded in many different formats

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